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The quality of service is as important as the quality of the product depend upon gas production process. This is essential in the set-up, smooth operation and maintenance of any gas production plant that will achieve the longest, most trouble free working hours and the maximization of rated production an high quality.
At KVK, we remain committed to provide all kinds of services which a customer looks forward to at any given time. To achieve this KVK has created excellent infrastructure peopled by experienced and qualified engineers. We provide service at the customer’s site with alert administration for the availability of service equipment and spares at top priority.

The Gas production companies area of this services for medium capacity plants of oxygen, nitrogen and acetylene would briefly be as follows:
Building plans
Machinery layout and foundation plans
Requirement of water and power, tools & tickles and consumables
Supervision of erection and commissioning
Periodical maintenance schedule
Annual maintenance contract
Minimum spares requirement
Safety audits
Priority breakdown services
Assistance for procurement of back up and other facilities / equipment required by the customer from time to time.
To assist in conducting assessments on existing non-viably operative plants for its better operation by carrying out modifications, additions and extensive repairs wherever required.

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